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Nichola Brown
Managing Director, Creative Director, Choreographer.

Nichola Brown, Managing Director Since the age of 11, Nichola has dedicated her life to dance.

The desire to dance can be traced back to her high school days spent in Manchester, where she learned the basics of dance at Fred Longworth High School. Inspired by her then teacher, she embarked upon a career in dance. She achieved entry into Winstanley College, one of the top ten colleges in the UK, to study AS and A Level dance, where she received her first taste of dance teaching, instructing younger children at her previous school. Seeking to develop her career further, Nichola moved her life to London after successfully gaining a place on the Dance and Choreography BA Hons degree course at Middlesex University.

University galvanized Nichola’s aspirations to throw herself into the London dance scene, and she attended classes, workshops, events, performances, taught dance and undertook commercial work whilst studying for her degree. Already auditioning, teaching classes and performing with renowned choreographers, her nascent career as a dance professional began to take shape in 2009, when she successfully auditioned for the London-based street dance crew “TKSPIN” (2009-11). Once in situ, Nichola trained arduously, and competed and performed in events across London.

In 2011 Nichola was invited to join the Uchenna Dance Company. Uchenna focused on choreography through blending dance styles, namely: House Dance Waaking and Vogue with African and Contemporary dance. She performed and trained consistently with Uchenna, and mastered a valuable armoury of skills, successfully developing her into a rounded performer and dancer. 

Nichola was invited to join The North London Street Dance Academy (NLSDA; then called EN2KREW) in 2010 as a dance teacher. Since joining, she assumed responsibility for all of the Enfield based classes, and became the choreographer for the performing group. Nichola also teaches for NLSDA in primary and secondary schools, and in colleges and universities across North London.

Not content with standing still and with her desire to dance fortified by experiences gained via the London dance scene, Nichola completed her Zumba Fitness and Zumba Gold qualifications in 2009, and Mat-based Pilates qualification in 2013. Gaining these qualifications has allowed Nichola to broaden her teaching remit, and she has since taught children of all ages, adults, senior citizens and SEN’s to a high standard.

In January 2012, through her creative input and visions for the future development of NLSDA, she was appointed Assistant Manager and Creative Director of the academy. As of July 2014, and with 11 years of dancing instruction experience, Nichola has been appointed the Managing Director of NLSDA. The vision from here is to create a revered London dance academy, and Nichola will be leading by example, drawing upon her first-hand knowledge and experiences in the dance industry to make this happen.